Welcome to These New Members

We would like to welcome these new members in 2020.  We hope that every member will become involved in the BSFTA. Let’s all us members give a big shout out to them!!!

2020 New Members

Leah Bench, Jane Ellis, Trista Harting, Deborah Hayes, Madison Hayward, Lyn Kuhr, Eva-Maria Maggi,                 Pat Michael, Nancy Parish, Susie Thomas!

2020 Returning Members

Terrie Griffith, Lana Hamilton,Lynn Kiess, Rick & Annette Padgett, Dan & Mimi DeWeert, Earl & Karen Philips, Kristina Tracer, Dolly Watkins, Bob & Leslie Womack, Troy & Erika Capp, Vicki Foss!

2018 – 2019 New Members –

Greg Schneider

Hayley Brooke Reed  Bernadette7Reed@icloud.com

Lora & Nicole Spiess