BSFTA’s Great Sponsors

Big Sky Fox Trotter Association thanks all our loyal sponsors for their continued support of our horse show and trail rides. Without our sponsors we would be unable to host the best Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Show in the West.

If you would like to be a sponsor, and we would sure like for you to become a sponsor, contact Karen Philips, the Sponsorship Chair at

Big Sky Fox Trotter Annual Horse Show Awards

Just some of the Great Awards made possible by our Great Sponsors

Our Sponsors:  To view sponsor web sites please click on their name.

Championship Sponsors

Ranch Horse Versatility Open Champion –

J & D Auto Body – Darby, MT – Jerry Sullivan – 406-821-3695

Jerry Sullivan at J & D Auto Body in Darby, MT can handle any kind of body work on any kind of vehicle.  Jerry is know throughout the northwest as “The Man” when it comes to straightening bend sheet metal.  People bring Jerry their wrecked vehicles from all over this part of the country.  Jerry accepts all insurance and competes the work in a timely and friendly manner, with complete satisfaction guaranteed.  if you have need of a body man, call Jerry Sullivan down in Darby, he is your source for premier body work.

Cowpoke Ranch Supply – 1308 Eastside Hwy – Corvallis, MT – 406-961-4917

Ken and Andrea Wood recently purchased Cowpoke Ranch Supply in Corvallis.  They have updated much of the inventory and brought in many new items.  Their pricing is very competitive and their knowledgeable staff can answer questions on any aspect of horse care.  Ken and Andrea also have been in the fencing business for years.  We are very gratefule for their continued support of the Big Sky Fox Trotter Association Annual Horse Show.  By the way, your humble webmaster spends a lot of money at Cowpoke Ranch Supply, they have the good stuff.  

Model Championship – Bitter Root Disposal

If you have trash of any kind Bitter Root Disposal can haul it off.  Give them a call at 406-363-3630 to arrange home trash pick-up on a regular weekly basis.  Serving the Bitter Root for longer than anyone can remember, Bitter Root Disposal is your source for trash removal.

Dr Dale’s Small Engine Service – Dale Tracer

Dale Tracer is the small engine expert.  Dale has kept small engines running in the Bitter Root for years.  Dale is not only the best small engine mechanic, but he is also a great guitarist.  Dale has worked on this webmaster’s blowers, chainsaws, generators, and weed-eaters for 8 years. When I took my Stihl chainsaw to Dale he made it run better than when it was brand new.  Call Dr Dale at 406-369-2282.

 Model Reserve Championship – Barry Whitmore of State Farm Insurance

Barry Whitmore can provide for all your insurance, retirement, and investment needs. Barry is located in beautiful downtown Hamilton, Montana.  Give Barry a call and experience the great service that has made Barry one of State Farm’s top agents.

Open 2 Gait Championship – The Merc Fresh Market – Jay and Pam Joyner

The Merc Fresh Market in the heart of downtown Corvallis, Montana has become a hub for culinary excellence in the Bitter Root Valley.  Jay and Pam Joyner have created a “must stop” for everyone interested in fine food. Jay has chosen several trained chefs who have designed a menu that is unique to the Fresh Market.  Their new menu includes all the usual, but with unique twists, menu items and several that you won’t find anywhere else, such as great Mexican and Cajun dishes.  Of course The Merc Fresh Market also offers perhaps the best wine selection in the valley.  Their beer selection is the best by far.  The Fresh Market also carries all the items usually found in a convenience store, but with a much higher level of quality.  The staff is both friendly and knowledgeable.  You can’t go wrong stopping at the The Merc Fresh Market.  

Open 2 Gait Reserve Championship – Dr Barry Yaskus D.D.S.

Dr Barry Yaskus is located in Stevensville, MT at 203 Barbara St.  Dr Yaskus is your choice for family dentistry in the Bitter Root Valley.  Call Dr Yaskus at 406-777-5582.

Open 3 Gait Championship –

Greenbriar Stables – Sharon Pruitt

Sharon Pruitt has been a much respected Competitor, Judge, and Trainer of Missouri Fox Trotters.  She can be reached at 425-891-8056.  Greenbriar Stables is located in Woodinville, WA.

Chad and Beccie Miller

Chad and Beccie have been very active in the BSFTA. Chad has served as show chair and is our current President.

Open 3 Gait Reserve Championship –

Dr Eli Johnson D.D.S. – Hamilton, Montana

Dr Eli Johnson practices general denistry at 215 North 10th Street in Hamilton, Montana.  A highly respected dentist, Dr Johnson provides family dental services to the Bitter Root Valley.  When you need dental care call Dr Johnson’s office at 406-363-4411. 

Montana Educator’s Credit Union – Missoula, Montana

If you are a teacher here’s your financial institution.  Montana Educator’s Credit Union offers all financial services available at larger credit

Amateur 2 Gait Championship – Harriet Free and Family

Harriet Free has supported the Big Sky Fox Trotter Association for as long as there has been a Big Sky Fox Trotter Association.  Harriet has competed for many years in shows in Wyoming and Montana. Harriet won the Open Two Gait and Open Three Gait Championship in 2009 at the Big Sky Fox Trotter Association Annual Show against some of the best horses in the west. 

Amateur 2 Gait Reserve Championship – Family Medicine Center, Hamilton, Montana

Family Medicine Center located at 330 North 10th Street, Suite A in Hamilton, Montana offers family medical services from Randy Stewart, M.D., Teresa Forino, M.D., and Brett Heath, M.D.  They can be reached at 406-363-DOCS (3627).

Amateur 3 Gait Championship – Ravalli County Bank, Hamilton, Montana

Ravalli County Bank located in Hamilton, Montana has long been a sponsor of the Big Sky Fox Trotter Association Annual Horse Show.  Contact Ravalli County Bank for your banking, investment, and loan needs.  Their phone number is 406-363-1222

Amateur 3 Gait Reserve Championship –

Double H Hat Company – Jimmy Harrison – Darby, MT – 406-821-3300

Jimmy Harrison makes the best hats in the country, bar none.  Jimmy has made hats for numerous movie stars, musicians, million/billionaires, George W Bush, and your humble webmaster (4 hats).  Jimmy’s hats are custom made to fit your head the way you like them to fit.  Jimmy’s hats always get compliments from people who know hats.  Jimmy can and does make whatever style you desire and his hats last.  I have had two 100% beaver hats for almost 10 years and they are just as good as when I got them.  Jimmy cleans my daily wear hat every year to get the gunge off and bring it back to new condition.  If you want a hat that will get you rave comments, will last until they plant you, is one of a kind, and has significant “cool factor”, then Jimmy is the guy to see.

Youth 2 Gait Championship –

Lenore and Donald Tsang

Lenore and Donald Tsang have been long time members and supporters of the Big Sky Fox Trotter Association.  Their sponsorship of the Youth 2 Gait Championship is their way of supporting what Lenore and Donald know to be the future of the BSFTA.

Bitterroot Drug, Hamilton, Montana

Bitterroot Drug is the oldest drug store in Montana. Located right in the middle of Main Street in Hamilton, Montana, Bitterroot Drug can fulfill all your prescription requirements.  They are a compounding pharmacy and provide education on all aspects of your medicine.  Pete and Jeni Seifert provide quality, friendly, caring service.

All – Around Open Championship –

Hamilton General Surgery – Dr Luke Channer – Corvallis, MT

If you have something inside that needs to come out Dr Channer is your man. 

All – Around Amateur Championship –

Ole and Carlene Netteberg

Ole Netteberg has been involved with the Big Sky Fox Trotter Association for years. Ole has served in just about every Big Sky Fox Trotter Association office there is to serve.  Ole has supported the Missouri Fox Trotter by breeding, showing, and using his Fox Trotters in Field Trials.  Ole is the member with the most blown trailer tires in history.  Carlene personifies “the long suffering wife” having to put up with Ole.  Ole and Carlene’s support is greatly appreciated and we wish we got to see more of them, more often.

Youth High Point Champion –

A2Z Personnel – Sue Devlin – 842 S 1st St Hamilton, MT – 406-363-0723

Sue Devlin and A2Z Personnel can satisfy your need for top notch employees. Sue will scour hundreds of qualified candidates to make knowledgeable recommendations.  Call Sue for any personnel help you may need.  

Lakeland Feed and Supply – Hamilton, Montana

Lakeland Feed and Supply is a full line feed manufacturer, fertilizer blender, and supplier of agricultural goods and services.  The Lakeland Feed and Supply world Headquarters is located in Hamilton, Montana where the fine products are milled and manufactured.  Lakeland has been a long time supporter of the Big Sky Fox Trotter Association Annual Horse Show. Lakeland is a premier supplier of feeds and supplements for horses.  Check out the Lakeland Feed and Supply website or call Lakeland at 406-363-2334.

Laurie Demarois Memorial Open Versatility Championship


Laurie DeMarois Memorial Amateur Versatility Championship

DeMarois Buick GMC Mercedes-Benz – Jack DeMarois – Missoula, Montana – 406-721-4000

Jack DeMarois and DeMarois Buick, GMC, Mercedes-Benz have been super supporters of the Big Sky Fox Trotter Association’s Horse Show for many years.  Without a doubt, DeMarois Buick, GMC, and Mercedes-Benz is one of the premier auto dealerships in the northwest.  Their service department continues to set the standard for customer satisfaction.  Look to Demarois Buick, GMC, Mercedes-Benz for your car, truck and service needs.   

Laurie DeMarois Memorial Pleasure Versatility Champion –

Eastside Pet Clinic, Idaho Falls, ID

Eastside Pet Clinic is located at 285 South Woodruff, Idaho Falls, Idaho.  They provide compassionate, friendly, superior pet care from Shaun C Merchant, DVM, Daniel J Dombroski, DVM, and Nicole A Seda, DVM.  Eastside Pet Clinic provides the kind of care you give your own pet every time to every pet.  Call Eastside at 208-529-2217.

Laurie DeMarois Memorial Youth Versatility Champion

Terri Griffith and Katy Griffith Vincent, Brigham City, Utah

Terri and Katy have been involved with the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association at the affiliate and national levels for a number of years.  Terri  has served in most offices of the Utah Fox Trotter Association and was the first Regional Board of Directors Member for our region for the Missouri Fox Trottting Horse Breed Assocation in Ava, Missouri.  Katy served as Youth Ambassador for the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association.  Both Terri and Katy have competed in the affiliate and national level shows with great success. They have always supported the Big Sky Fox Trotter Association Annual Horse Show with thier sponsorships and we thank them once again.

Youth Ranch Horse Championship – CR Fox Trotters 

Cathy and Randy Olson – Rigby, Idaho

CR Fox Trotters owners, Cathy and Randy Olson, are charter members of the Big Sky Fox Trotter Association and have served in just about every capacity possible in the BSFTA.  The Olsons stand two outstanding stallions, CR Shadow of a Storm (a three time World Champion) and CR Rocky’s Golden Devil. CR Fox Trotters raises foundation bred, naturally gaited, mountain trained, gentle horses. If you are need of a good saddle horse, for show or trail, Cathy and Randy Olson have horses that will fit your needs and wants. Call them at 208-745-7631.   


Bill Free Memorial Sportsmanship Award Sponsors

Cascade Commodity Consulting Co., LLC – Estacada, Oregon – Al and Lynda Conway

Al and Lynda Conway have been members of the Big Sky Fox Trotter Association for years. They have supported the g Sky Fox Trotter Association Annual Horse Show for just as long.  Al Conway owns Cascade Commodity Consulting Company, LLC in Estacada, Oregon.  Cascade Commodity Consulting publishs Al Conway’s “Cash Wheat Report” and is leading the U.S. and Global wheat market in creating a platform of extensive industry knowledge.  The Cash Wheat Report is a daily commentary on U.S. and global wheat values.

Chad and Beccie Miller – Florence, Montana

Leslie and Buck Womack – Bearmouth Montana

Ken and Joan Snodgrass – Corvallis, Montana 

Judge’s Youth Award Sponsor –

Foxtrot USA Tack and Supply – Sarasota, FL – Bud and Tori Blankenship

Bud and Tori Blankenship have supported the Big Sky Fox Trotter Association Annual Horse Show for quite a number of years.  This year Bud and Tori have donated a $50 gift certificate to the Judge’s Youth Award.  Tori has competed successfully at the Celebration in Ava in Versatility and was a finalist in the “America’s Favorite Trail Horse” competition in 2011. Foxtrot USA has all the equipment for the Missouri Fox Trotter Horse from special saddles to clothes and every thing you would need to ride on the trail or on the rail.  Contact Tori or Bud at 877-806-9811.

Memorial Trail Ride Sponsors – 

The Memorial Trail Ride is held each year on the Sunday following the Big Sky Fox Trotter Association Annual Horse Show.  The ride was initially started and named in memory of Laurie DeMarios, a founding member of the Big Sky Fox Trotter Association. The trail ride is in memory of BSFTA officers and board members Floyd Frazier, Larry Conner, Curt Bates, Bill Free, and all the other members of the BSFTA who have passed away.

DeMarois Buick, GMC, Mercedes-Benz – Jack DeMarois – Missoula, MT

DeMarois Buick, GMC, Mercedes-Benz has sonsored the Memorial Trail Ride since its inception.  The Big Sky Fox Trotter Association is grateful to Jack DeMarois and the dealership for their continued support.

Narrow Gate Ranch – Roberts, Montana – Louise Bates

Louise and Curt Bates were members of the BSFTA for many years prior to Curt’s passing.  Curt was very influential in introducing and promoting the Missouri Fox Trotter in Montana and the Rocky Mountain West.  Curt was well known for the quality of his horses.

Bitterroot View Farm – Karen and Earl Philips – Corvallis, Montana

Karen and Earl are long time members of the BSFTA and have served the club in many capacities over the years. Karen is the sponsorship chair for the BSFTA show and has created a system that has allowed us to recruit and maintain good quality and satisfied sponsors who continue to support this show bringing the BSFTA show to a level that is seldom seen in a local horse show. Karen is a BSFTA Hall of Fame member.

John and Myra Mumma – Missoula, Montana

John and Myra are founding and longtime members of the BSFTA. John was responsible for bringing some of the first Missouri Fox Trotters into Montana as mounts for the National Forest Service.  John raised Fox Trotters for a number of years and your webmaster’s wife is still riding a very fine palomino mare from John’s herd.

Blue Mountain Veterinary Hospital – 4646 Bunkhouse Lane, Missoula, Montana – Rollet Pryun, DVM – 406-251-4150

Rollet Pruyn, DVM and Blue Mountain Vet Hospital are the equine veterinarians of choice in Missoula. They are a full service veterinary hospital serving the Western Montana horse community.

Gary’s Service Station – 2125 South Higgins, Missoula, Montana – 406-542-0121

Gary Little and his crew can fix everything but the crack of dawn and a broken heart.  The “service” in the name is what Gary is most proud of.  Call Gary for any automotive problems from a leaky tire to “Dang, Gary, it don’t work no more”.

Axmen – 7655 Hwy 10 W, Missoula, Montana – 406-728-7020

Guy Hanson and the people at Axmen in Missoula have the most extensive supply of everything for the ranch, farm, house, car, truck,…well you get the idea.  To appreciate what the Axmen can offer you need to visit the store.  This is a real store that has it all. 

Ag Sales – Missoula, Montana -406-721-2640 – Vista Hepburn

Nancy Stoverud – Missoula, Montana

Mountain States Insurance Group, Inc – Mark Andreason, Soda Springs, Idaho

Since 1917 Mountain States Insusrance ahs been serving Southern Idaho and Northern Utah with all aspects of insurance from auto to farm and ranch, as well as life.  Mark Andreason is experienced in all forms of insurance and can help you decide the right insurance for your needs.  Call Mark at 208-547-2141 for all your insurance needs.

Hamilton Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation Center, – Hamilton, Montana –    Doug Martin – 406-3375-0980

The most trained, specialized, dertified clinic in Montana, Hamilton Physical Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation Center is proud to have Doug Martin on staff.  Doug Martin’s credentials are too numerous to put down here. He has a Master’s of Physical Therapy and a bunch of other stuff that is pretty impressive.  He has primarily focused his career on General Orthopedics and Sports Rehabilitation.  Just the fellow to see when you have a sudden and unexpected dismount.  Doug can be reached at 406-375-0980.

George Corn, Attorney – Datsopoulos, MacDonald and Lind – Hamilton, Montana office

George Corn is Senior Staff Attorney with a general practice including personal injury and wrongful death, civil litigation, public road law and criminal defense.  George Corn was born in North Carolina so we know he is a wonderful person and a great lawyer.  George can be reached at 406-961-9003. 

Farmers State Bank – Victor, Montana – Owen Robbins

Owen Robbins and the Farmers State Bank have been long time supporters of The Big Sky Fox Trotter Association Annual Horse Show.  the Farmers State Bank provides every banking and financial service need that you would ever desire.  The Farmers State Bank has branches throughout the Bitter Root Valley and one in Missoula.  Farmers is known for their ability to understand the farmers and ranchers of the Bitter Root Valley and provide esswential services to fulfill their needs.  Call Farmers at 406-642-3431

Donations of Goods and Services –

Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply – Hamilton, MT – 406-363-7644

Murdoch’s Ranch & Home Supply is located on Hwy 93 on the south end of Hamilton.  Bob Rummel, Murdoch’s store manager, has graciously donated mane trimmers, brushes, dewormers, fly spray, and a tub to hold it all.  Murdoch’s has all your horse and show needs.

Montana Silversmiths – Columbus, Montana – 406-322-4555

Montana silversmiths has donated a belt buckle and earrings to the Big Sky Fox Trotter Association Annual Horse Show.  Montana Silversmiths has been the supplier of the Big Sky Fox Trotter Association Annual Horse Show presentation belt buckles for many years. It is their fine craftsmanship that you see in the picture at the top of the page.  

Gervais Ranch Fox Trotters – Victor, MT – Thea Gervais – 406-642-6546

Thea Gervais donated Show Ribbons.  Thea’s show ribbons are hand made and beautifully crafted of the finest materials.  Many of our Champion horses wear Thea’s ribbons. 

Dynamite Products – Annette Padgett – Florence, MT – 406-777-0577

Annette Padget is the local distributor for Dynamite Pet Products.  Dynamite has a vast array of health and feed products for horses and small pets. – Lauren Johansson – Lauren creates webpages and can provide all types of computer programming and setup help.  406-654-4636 

Beavis & Buster Horse Treats – Charlotte Foster – 406-777-1681

Beavis and Buster Horse Treats has donated their outstanding horse treats for several years.  Their horse treats are the preferred treat of the Big Sky Fox Trotter Association Annual Horse Show’s Champions.  Available in a variety of flavors, horses love the taste and texture of these fine treats.

Victor Steakhouse – Victor, Montana – 406-642-3300


Class Sponsors

Sweet Donna and Mark Goss, Corvallis, Montana

Bitterroot Custom Apparel – Annette Padgett – 406-777-0577 –


Scott Horsemanship Solutions – Shelley Scott, Trainer – 406-369-1910

Lenore and Donald Tsang, Hamilton, Montana

93 Feed and Supply – Arlee, Montana – 406-726-2166 – Gina Harkalis

Double CC Ranch – Darby, Montana – Colleen Long

Cole Younger and Ann Johnson – Arlee, Montana

Camas Prairie Foxtrotters – Plains, Montana – Jean Nemeth – 406-741-2486

N Hanging P Foxtrotters – Sheridan, Montana – Pete and Penny Peterson

Penny and Pete are founding members of the BSFTRA and have served in every possible office, committee, and way.  The Big Sky Fox Trotter Association would not exist without the hard work and dedication of Pete and Penny. They are BSFTA Hall of Fame Members since the first induction.

A Classic Touch Salon and Day Spa – 220 Cherry Street, Hamilton, Montana –

406-363-0006 – Kristina Tracer

Susan Brown – Stevensville, Montana

Saundra Buckley – Mapleton, Utah

Robynn Gabel – Lander, Wyoming – World Renown Author

Farmers State Bank – Victor, Montana – 406-642-3431

Crazy Horse Consignment -Bonnie Watson – Lolo, Montana  406-273-4226

Mike Robinson, Farrier to the Stars and World Grand Champion “Frank” –              406-499-0171

Chapter One Bookstore – Shawn Wathen – 406-363-5220

S & S Body Shop – Hamilton, Montana – Tom and Jodie Stevens – 406-363-3260

Rebecca Banks

Judy Morrisey

Summit Chiropactic – Missoula, Montana – Dr Kurt Solari – 406-549-0777

Ken & Joan Snodgrass (2)

Hamilton’s Marketplace – Hamilton, MT – Tom Robinson – 406-363-5720

Cascade Commodity Consulting Co, LLC – Estacada, OR – The Conways – 503-631-4330

Double Creek Foxtrotters (2) – Bozeman, Montana – Eldo Heinle – 406-388-4206

Gaited T Ranch – Kristina Tracer – Victor, Montana – 406-642-6464

Marilyn Spencer – Wickenburg, Arizona

Caffe Firenze – Florence, Montana – Patti and John Stevens – 406-273-2923

Bitterroot View Farm – Corvallis, Montana – Karen and Earl Philips

Ford’s Department Store – Hamilton, Montana – Alan Ford – 406-363-2251

The Lovely Bobbi Dyrud – Missoula, Montana

Blaine Murray – Idaho Falls, Idaho

Saddle Outfitters – Corvallis, Montana – Lisa Emory – 406-961-1363

Patricia Martin – Florence, Montana

Lube Quick – Hamilton, Montana – Tim and Becky Brough – 406-363-4221

Synergy Acupuncture – Helena, Montana – Gale Mowry – 406-461-4198

Hayes Creek Farm and Landscaping – Hamilton, Montana – Peter and Laurie Ransom – 406-363-7550

Edward Jones Investments – Hamilton, Montana – Jeremy Kientz – 406-363-6645

Kent and Charlene Krone – Osburn, Idaho

Chuck Petty – Spokane, Washington

Rooster Saddlery – Hamilton, Montana – Royce Vallejo – 406-363-2392

Western Montana Equine, PLLC – Bill Brown, DVM – Missoula, MT – 406-991-4415

Tammany Veterinary Hospital – Corvallis, MT – Dr Shawn Gleason, DVM – 406-961-1321

D.J.’s Electric, Inc – Hamilton, Montana – DJ and Tammy Lengyel – 406-363-1972

Mikesell’s Jewelry – Hamilton, Montana – Cindy Mikesell – 406-363-6236

Linda and Patrick Keim – Helena, Montana

Lana Hamilton – Hamilton, Montana

Lazy JC Ranch – Helena, MT – Jerry and Gen Christison – 406-439-2442

Bitterroot Custom Apparel – Florence, MT – Annette Padgett – 406-777-0577

Scott Performance Horses – Florence, MT – Shelley Scott – 406-369-1910

Beavis & Buster Horse Treats – Stevensville, MT – Charlotte Foster – 406-777-1681

Super 8 of Hamilton – Hamilton, MT – Robert Isbell – 406-363-2940

Country Store: Farm, Pet, and Home – Stevensville, MT – Dawn Winn, mgr – 406-777-5527

Longview Farm – Stevensville, MT – Ralph & Sharon Johnson