Pictures from Big Sky Fox Trotter Association’s Recent Past

This page shows pictures that the Webmaster has aquired over the years of various activities, mainly the show, but also the National Trail rides and the Annual Awards Banquet.  If you have pictues that would be appropriate please send them to me at

These pictures are not in any particular order.

Carlene and Ole Netteberg at the 2007 Awards Banquet.

Cathy and Randy Olsen, the people who made it possible for BSFTA to have great shows in 2010, 2011, and 2012


The second luckiest man in the world – Earl Philips. We don’t understand it either.


The 2007 BSFTA Board of Directors and Officers











Marianne Wheat, who looks and dresses like every lady wishes she could, receives her BSFTA Hall of Fame plaque.

Annette Padgett and Bobbi Dyrud, just more reason we can say we have the prettiest women in the Fox Trotter world




Annette and Thea at the after show trail ride at Coyote Coolie

2008 after show ride at Coyote Coulee


One of the prettiest horses ever

“Doc” Dale Tracer and Ed Auger play foor a grateful audience at the 2008 National Trail Ride



The parking lot at Elkhorn Hot Springs in 2008. This is just the living quarters trailers, there were another 20+ people in cabins. Quite the ride.

Wall Creek Wildlife Management Area, location of the 2010 BSFTA National Trail Ride. Been to a prettier ride? Didn’t think so.



Karen Philips riding at Wall Creek 2010

No explanation needed


Steak Fry night at the Wall Creek Ride. Local grown, custom cut, $4/each sirloin steaks. Pot Luck sides, BYOB and great friends equals BSFTA Trail Ride


After the steak supper, adult beverages and fellowship. Second week of August and everyone has a coat on. Welcome to Montana



















































Mary Auger and Bill Free enjoy Sweet Donna Goss’ Cherry Cheesecake while the cows look on

Bill Free suffers a gross indignity at the hands Boob Womack and another guy











Harriet Free receives her Hall of Fame plaque at the 2007 BSFTA Awards Banquet.