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I have had a couple students of late that have reminded me that many people ride their horse as if it was a bicycle. When they turn they lean into the turn.

So, if you want to turn left or pivot on the hind to the left we need to take the wright off the left front foot. We can do that by simply shifting a little weight to our back right pocket. Not a lot, but enough to allow the horse to pick up that foot gracefully and not have to lift much of us at the same time.

Try it yourself. Stand on the ground with your feet shoulder width apart as if you were in the saddle and lean left as you try to step left. Not too good. Now put the majority of your weight on the right foot and step left. Ah, what a difference.

We need to think about those feet down there. If we want them to move we need to take the weight off them.

By unweighting the foot to be moved we create a graceful, flowing step. And that should be our goal. To gracefully move with our horse as in a dance.