Kent & Charlene Krone Great Foxtrotting Adventures

Howdy Pardner,
Joshua Tree National Park in California is a great place for riding.  The best season is spring and fall as winter can be cool and in the summer you can fry eggs on your trailer wheel well!!   There are two horse camps in the park with riding out of each.  Black Rock Horse is a large parking area ringed with a few picnic tables and some hitching rails.  There are no corrals, but there is horse water.   Ryan Horse Camp has regular spots with corrals.  There are fewer of these so they fill up quickly.
The riding out of each of these horse camps is very interesting.  You can ride washes, small canyons, basins, and ridges.  You can ride in loops or point to point.  Of course you see the ever present Joshua Tree as well as a variety of other desert plants.   A fascinating trail located between these two camps is the Boy Scout Trail.  Parking is limited at the trailhead, but there are two pullouts a short distance to the west.   The ride is fairly level with views to boulder formations.   At about 4 miles the trail enters a really scenic boulder area where you come face to face with clumps of boulders.
Get riding maps at the visitor center and enjoy!!
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