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Trail Riding Clinic

The BSFTA trailing riding clinic on Sunday April 18 was a fun and successful day.  We had 9 people show up and 7 horses participated.  We had 4 attendees who were not BSFTA members. 

I was a little disappointed that we did not have many “beginning” or inexperienced riders.  In fact we had only one who would qualify as inexperienced.  The clinic was focused on the beginner and as a result of the attendees being experienced the material was a little basic for most.  However, we did learn some new ideas for riding more safely and for a more anxiety-free preparation.
The riding part was also good as there were several things that the attendees needed to work on.  We first started in the arena and then moved to the obstacle course where most everyone that came out had no problems.
Overall we had a fun and informative day and hope to repeat the clinic in the early summer.
The Sunnyside Up Arena is a great venue and the owners are very nice people.  If you are looking for a good place to do some arena work or the obstacle course I would suggest Sunnyside Up.  I will be going there to tune up Frank for his potential show appearance.
A big thank you to Annette and Donna for their work getting the clinic publicized and signing up everyone.
I hope to see more members in the future clinics.

Mark Goss