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BSFTA Annual Show 2020 is Canceled!!!

To our valued members and exhibitors,
This message comes to you at a time and under conditions that few could have envisioned earlier this year when we all sat down at our January meeting and began planning our 2020 year for our wonderful affiliate. After discussion with the board as well as the show committee about the impacts of COVID-19 on our community, families and sponsors it was agreed that it was in the best interest of the club financially and all the participants to cancel the Annual June Breed Show for this year. We have given it as much time as we can to resolve to a manageable state that would allow our event in a safe and timely manner, that has not happened. Many of our members and participants/show staff work in the medical field and at this unprecedented time would be required to quarantine before and after the event not to mention the hardship this would put on our out of state participants who would be required to do the same. While we sincerely regret these measures as it is the highlight of our year to see all of you and the beautiful horses we all hold close to our hearts we feel this is the most prudent step to make. Our local clinics and trail rides will continue with Lord willing a fall gathering on the drawing board for everyone taking place. 
Please if you have any questions or concerns contact me at 406-529-3459 or
Erika Capp  BSFTA President 

The April 11 meeting has been canceled due to the COVID 19! We will let you know when we reschedule the meeting! Take care and stay well!

Junius Blaine Murray
October 5,1936 -October 9,2079
Junius Blaine Murray was born in Twin Falls, Idaho, on October 5,1936. He
was the son of Margaret Ann Kerr Murray and Junius Baily Munay of Filer, Idaho.
Blaine is survived by seven siblings: RJay Murray, Philomath, Oregon; Mary
Carter (sister) Bountiful, Utah; Margaret LaRae Babbitt (sister) Provo, Utah;
Byron Murray, Island Park, Idaho, Carolyn Leong (sister), Honolulu, Hawaii; and
Isabell Sudweeks (sister) Twin Falls, Idaho.
Blaine spent his first eleven years in Filer, Idaho where the family was farming
his uncle’s farm. In 1947 the farm was sold, and the family moved to Coltman,
Idaho, where they farmed for a year. In 1948,the family moved to Serelda, Idaho,
where his mother taught school in a one room, eight-grade country school. His
father worked for the forest service in the summer at the Porcupine Ranger Station
east of Ashton, Idaho. Blaine and Byron ran a trap-line in the winters trapping
muskrats, snowshoe hares, and weasels. The pelts were sold in St. Anthony and money was used to buy ammunition for hunting.In 1949 the family moved to Island Park, Idaho, where his mother taught school at Mack’s Inn. Blaine was in the eighth grade at Mack’s Inn and enjoyed all the outdoor activities in the area.
The family moved to Terreton, Idaho, in 1950 where they farmed for ayear and Blaine attended his freshman year of high school in Roberts, Idaho. In 1951 the family moved to Wendell, Idaho, where his father farmed, and his mother taught school. Blaine’s father’s health prevented him from farming anymore and his mother took over the role of supporting the family.
Blaine was very active in school activities particularly in athletics where he lettered in football, basketball, baseball, and track. Blaine graduated from Wendell high school in 1954, and enlisted in the US army where he received paratrooper and army ranger training. He was discharged from active duty in 1956.
After college, he obtained the rank of captain in the army reserve. Blaine enrolled at Ricks Junior College in Rexburg, Idaho, in 1956 where he was active in school events and played on the football team. During the summers between college semesters, Blaine worked in Yellowstone Park where he enjoyed his social activities with other college kids, as well as hiking and fishing. After two years at Ricks, Blaine enrolled at Brigham Young University in Provo, Utah, graduating with a degree in chemistry. While at BYU, he enjoyed hunting and fishing in both Idaho and Utah.
In 1961, Biaine married Ann Moffett, from Austin, Texas, that he met while working together in Yellowstone Park. They lived in Idaho Falls while Blaine was employed at the Idaho Nuclear Laboratory.
He worked as a Health Physicist at the spent nuclear fuel facility. During this time, Blaine was also involved in training his kennel registered black Labrador retriever for dog trial competition. His Labrador, Targhee Sam, went on to win the national championship. Several years later Blaine and Ann moved to Texas near Baltown, Texas. Blaine spent a year in Minneapolis, Minnesota at the University of Minnesota earning a master’s degree in nuclear engineering. He also completed graduate work at the University of Kansas.
Blaine and Ann were the parents of three children; Lexie, Michael, and Melissa. Blaine and Ann divorced in 1972. While living in Texas, Blaine was employed at the Nuclear Regulatory Commission as a career Nuclear engineer and lived in the Dallas area. In Texas, Blaine was an avid athlete competing in rodeo events, marathons, tennis, shotgun shooting, and bird hunting. Blaine retired from the NRC in 1998 and moved to Idaho, and purchased a small acreage on St. Leon road, north of Idaho Falls. Blaine raised both registered dogs and horses on his place. He trained black Labradors and Missouri Fox Trotter horses. He returned to skiing and horse back riding as well as competing in horse shows and dog trials. He joined a horseback riding club, The Over the Hill Gang, and ski bus group to Grand Targhee Ski Resort. He counted these associates as his closest friends until he passed away.


The clinics held in November and December hosted by the BSFTA and in cooperation with Jackson Performance Horses were wonderful with enthusiastic participation and a very fun time had by all! Visit our website to see pictures and very soon we will have dates set in the spring for events focusing on anything from trail to cattle work.

Thank you for all who helped out at the clinics as well as much appreciation for our wonderful participants!! We look forward to building on what we have learned this coming year! If you have any questions or suggestions please give me a call we are open to hearing what everyone would like to focus on and any improvements that can be made for events.

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About the Big Sky Fox Trotter Association

The Big Sky Fox Trotter Association is an affiliate of the Missouri Fox Trotting Horse Breed Association headquartered in Ava, Missouri.  The Big Sky Fox Trotter Association was established in 1995 by a group of 27 dedicated Fox Trotter owners.  Many of these charter members are still very active in the club. The mission of the Big Sky Fox Trotter Association is to promote the Missouri Fox Trotter through a variety of venues.  These include the Big Sky Fox Trotter Association Horse Show, held annually for 20 years in the Bitter Root Valley of western Montana.  ShowsThe BSFTA also holds an MFTHBA approved National Trail Ride in various places around Montana. This ride draws riders and horses from around the country and is recognized as one of the most anticipated MFTHBA National Trail Rides of the year. Trail Rides The Big Sky Fox Trotter Association also hosts a variety of educational clinics throughout the year providing instruction on all aspects of the great versatility of the Missouri Fox Trotter.  These clinics provide instruction on everything from the proper fox trot to ranch roping and trail how-to. Clinics The Big Sky Fox Trotter Association is actively involved in local and regional horse expos.  BSFTA members provide demonstrations of the Missouri Fox Trotter and its versatility for any group that will sit still long enough to watch and listen. Calendar The Big Sky Fox Trotter Association encourages its members to participate in multi-breed and all breed horse shows and competitions to demonstrate the versatility of the Missouri Fox Trotter.  We have members who are successfully competing in a variety events from team sorting and ranch roping to competitive trail and all breed horse shows.

The Missouri Fox Trotter is America’s favorite trail horse and The Big Sky Fox Trotter Association holds a number of local trail rides that are open to any horse and rider. These rides are held around the region and are hosted by BSFTA members familiar with the trails.  Usually the trail rides are held on National Forest Service land and are designed for the least experienced rider and horse as well as the more experienced. National Trail Rides An Annual Big Sky Fox Trotter Association Awards Banquet is held each year to recognize those in the club who have contributed to the success of the club and those who have excelled in some area of horse activities.  Always looking for an opportunity to have a good time, this banquet provides members a chance to catch up with other members not seen during the year.  Great food, drink and camaraderie are the hallmark of this evening. Big Sky Fox Trotter Banquet. A quarterly newsletter is published by the Big Sky Fox Trotter Association.  The newsletter contains the latest news on what is going on in the club as well as articles of interest to all Fox Trotter owners and riders.  Newsletter One of the largest MFTHBA affiliates in membership and the largest in area coverage, the Big Sky Fox Trotter Association gives Fox Trotter owners a diverse set of opportunities to use their horses and generally have a good time in the Big Sky Country of the American West.  We invite every person who owns, rides, or is interested in the best horse in the world, The Missouri Fox Trotter, to join us and become involved in the greatest horse club in the world, The Big Sky Fox Trotter Association.  Membership


Join the Big Sky Fox Trotter Association, the Finest Group of Fox Trotter Enthusiasts in the USA 

BSFTA members are involved in all aspects of America’s most versatile breed, The Missouri Fox Trotting Horse.

Our goal is to promote the Missouri Fox Trotter through shows, horse expo demonstrations, clinics, and trail rides.


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